Siding Installation

Are you looking for services that provide the protection you need? Then the solutions we offer are perfect for you. Through our siding installation services, you’ll be able to protect your property from harsh weather conditions, create comfortable temperatures within your property, and so much more.

Siding Repair

If your property lacks quality siding, then later on you will encounter numerous complications. For example, during the winter you’ll feel harsh cold temperatures and during the summer you will experience intense heat. Through our siding repair services, you won’t have to go through any of that!

Siding Replacement

Avoid any complications and insure your well-being and that of your property. Through our siding replacement services, you will have new siding and avoid spending loads of money trying to repair siding that needs to be completely renewed.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Your property deserves to look good on the outside and on the inside, which is why we offer our interior and exterior painting services. So that you can have the satisfaction of having a property that looks and feels great at all times. At Tarton SPR Construction INC, we offer everything you need.

Flat Roof

Look for options that fulfill the needs you’re looking for. Through our flat roofs you will experience numerous benefits such as easy installation, affordability, easy cleaning, versatility, energy efficiency, and so much more! Acquire services that suit your property the best.

Other Services:

- Metal Roofing
- Shingle Roofing
- TPO Roofing
- Torchdone System
- Wood & Metal framing
- Standing Seam
- Concrete
- Drywall
- Texture
- Basement
- Patios

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